Watching How I Met Your Mother Online

First Off, I love How I Met Your Mother. I didn’t really start watching it until a few two seasons ago, but I immediately got all the dvds and watched them through in a week. I’m finally caught up to the current, and can’t believe we finally met the mother.

I have a feeling it’s going to be the last season, even though I wish it wasn’t so. I guess it’s better that they end early instead of dragging a show out. We’ve met the mother, so there should only be one more to go. I keep re-watching How I Met Your Mother Episodes because even though I’ve already seen them, they still crack me up every time.

Watching It Online

Not sure who else does this, but it was tough finding it online the first time. I checked out a few different sites, and finally settled on Hulu. It’s free for the first week, and then you have to pay. But only a few dollars per month is totally worth being able to watch that many shows online.

Watch How I Met Your Mother Online

I’ll probably only post 1-2 more times until the next season starts, but then I plan on doing it after each episode. Feel free to send messages,and we can talk about it.